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We are pioneers in building residential, official and industrial projects. We have been in the industry long enough to call ourselves one of taWe are pioneers in building residential, official and industrial projects. We have been in the industry long enough to call ourselves one of the best. Well, you may not take it from us, but our customers believe it too. Our customers are happy and satisfied with our services over the years. Our employees are well trained craftsmen who not only know their fieldwork very thoroughly but are very well-mannered individuals who are there to serve you to the best of their abilities. The employees tend to work hard and satisfy the customers. Our customers are like guests to us and we treat them as our own family.he best. Well, you may not take it from us, but our customers believe it too.

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We provide a wide range of services to choose from for our customers. All our services are the best in quality and at the most reasonable prices.


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Architectural designs:

With years of experience in this field, we are now capable of designing detailed architectural structures for our customers to review. The customers can provide feedback and make their own alterations to the design if they want.

Structural designs:

Structural designs:
Structural design is one of the most important parts of a building construction. The structural designs include the buildings’ pillars, pipes, concrete, steel and so on. In other words, it can be referred to as the design of the skeleton of a building. So, we can create the design of structures and plan for ahead.

Project Supervision:

In this service, we work alongside the architects and subcontractors. We oversee the project and make sure that no problems or stoppage occurs. Permits are arranged, worker problems are dealt with and so on.

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How Do Businesses Benefit from a Mature Age Worker Subsidy

All types of businesses consider their employees as investments. Yet, employee turnover is one of the top issues many businesses face. Changing industries, finding better opportunities, or moving up the ladder are the top reasons for fast employee turnover.

To this end, it’s obvious that employers prefer to hire employees who are stable and hard-working. Having these kinds of employees is the fastest way for businesses to turn a profit.

The perfect solution is provided by a mature age worker subsidy. A mature age worker subsidy allows for filling in the hiring gaps in many types of organisations and businesses. Below are the reasons why finding jobs for older workers to fill up in your company can benefit you.

Work ethic and company loyalty of mature workers

Finding their niche and being loyal to it is natural for older workers. Employees working during the 70s and 80s tend to work in fewer than 2 companies during their entire careers. This provides mature workers with the experience and understanding of the industries they become involved.

The life skills and wealth of knowledge mature age workers bring to various businesses allow them to welcome total immersion into a new business or industry. Their lessened family responsibilities allow them to become more available for overtime or extra work.

Their work ethic of top work performance in everything they do make mature age workers sets a good example for younger workers.


Gain incentives from the government

Government funding is available for businesses willing to hire mature age workers over the age of 50. Businesses that become eligible for government incentives are provided wage subsidies over 6-months.

The government incentives are there to encourage businesses to hire workers aged 50 or older. Retaining employees becomes less problematic with businesses opting to hire mature age workers.

Additionally, payment of the financial incentive from the Australian government is negotiable for all types of businesses. A “kickstart” bonus of up to 40% is also provided by the government after the fourth week of employing a mature worker.

Other than the financial incentive, getting a mature and experienced worker is already a win-win situation for any type of business or organisation.


The best way to improve and diversify the workforce of a business

A research group has found that lower absenteeism is among mature aged workers. Businesses become more productive with lowered rates of employee absenteeism.

The years of working experience from being employed in various industries is also one of the top incentives mature aged workers bring to the table. While great technological strides have changed the workplace, the same principles of running a business remain as is.

Furthermore, the contribution provided by mature aged workers is a wonderful way to fill the skill gaps of younger employees. The different perspectives provided by a mature aged worker could help to improve the practices of a business.

Take advantage of a Mature Age Worker Subsidy from the Workforce Australia Services

Up to $10,000 GST is the financial incentive provided by Workforce Australia Services for businesses opting to hire mature employees ages 50 and over. It is because the Australian government believes in the strong work ethic, experience, skills, and reliability provided by mature aged workers.

Up to $2,200 GST is also provided by the Australian government as an incentive for the skills and training of older workers. Older workers have been seen to remain employed with the same employer for longer periods with the right training.


Things that you should know when hiring new home builders in Brisbane

Before you begin enjoying living in a newly built home, you have to struggle and work with the best new home builders to construct your home. When it comes to hiring new home builders in Brisbane, there are so many challenges that you’re going to experience. However, you must always ensure that you’re working with the best new home builders to meet your dreams once the construction project is over. As you hire your new home builder, there are so many things that you ought to know before you decide on the new home builders to work with. So many people end up hiring new home builders blindly in Brisbane, which hinders them from having the homes they always dreamt about.

What should I know when hiring new home builders?

Thinking of building a new home in Brisbane, you must undertake the process of hiring a new home builder with a lot of seriousness. There are several things that you should know if you want to hire the best new home builders. For you to know everything, you require to know if you don’t take your time to research well before you begin, your hiring process begins. You should also never be in haste to hire new home builders. The following are some things that you should know whenever you hire new home builders in Brisbane.

  • Your needs

Whenever you hire new home builders, you need to know your needs to ensure that you hire builders who will meet them. Most people in Brisbane hire new home builders without knowing what their needs are, which can be very risky. You need to ask yourself what your needs are first before looking for your new home builders.

  • Qualification and the experience level of the builders

You ought to know before hiring any new home builder is the level of qualification and experience they have attained. When you hire builders, you realise that all these builders in Brisbane have different levels of qualification and experience. You did not want to work with new home builders who are not qualified or experienced. It’s therefore essential for you to dig out for such information before you begin hiring the new home builders around you.

  • The reputation of the builders

The reputation of the new home builders you find in Brisbane is also essential that most people fail to consider when hiring these builders. You do not want to hire new home builders with a bad reputation since this will determine the quality of services they offer to you. Instead, you should hire new home builders with the best reputation since they will always provide you with quality services. This is why you need to know the importance of the new home builder you find in Brisbane.

  • The availability and reliability of the builders

You need to find new home builders that are always available to work on the project you have at hand. This is why you need to find out how available and reliable the new home builders you will be hiring are. You must work with highly available and dependable builders.


What most people think is essential

When it comes to hiring new home builders, most people think that the cost of services is more important than all the other factors. However, this is the least you should consider since so many above factors determine it. Instead, think about the quality of services, reputation, experience level, and availability of the builders you will be hiring to build a new home. OJ Pippin is one of the most trusted names in the industry. Get in touch with them to learn more about what they can do for you.


What you should consider when purchasing security cameras

When it comes to buying a security camera there are a large number of manufacturers selling different cameras in a range of prices. The following are a few things that you need to consider when buying security cameras in Brisbane.

Buying security cameras Brisbane

Before you buy a security camera for your home you might want to consider the amount of area and angle which requires to be covered. There are features like night vision and motion detection along with auto tracking which can completely change the way home security systems can be installed. When you are aware of the amount of area which want to be covered it would help you select the right kind of CCTV system.

When it comes to choosing the design of the cameras you can choose from bullet cameras to Pan and tilt cameras. However it is important that you do some research when it comes to the pros and cons of various designs to help you narrow down your search. For example you may not want to make use of a bullet camera if you want to use a camera at a low level because it can be easily pushed out of view. On the other hand it would be better off using a vandal resistant dome camera.

You would also want to consider the quality of the camera that you are purchasing. You have an option of going for analogue system which offers you high pixel quality. The focus should be on purchasing a camera which offers the best resolution for the money that you are paying.

When it comes to other lens size and the sensor you may want one which offers you avoid field of you. However this would mean that you might need to compromise on the ability to identify individuals or objects. When you have the focal length that you require you may want camera which comes with night vision. However it would increase the cost of a camera to a substantial amount and therefore you actually need to consider what range of cameras you require.

Another thing to consider is the storage of the camera. There are times when you might need to check out the footage which dates back to a few days. Go for camera which offers you maximum amount of footage so that you can access it wherever and whenever you require.

There are cameras which offer a huge range of features that detecting the auto plate number, motion detection and the line crossing detection. There are so many features that you could choose from however it is best to go for something which would allow you remote viewing in the best possible budget. Last but not the least make sure that you hire a professional for the installation of CCTV services. This would take a lot of stress of from you. They not only e supply you with the right kind of CCTV camera but also make sure that the install it the right way so as to offer you maximum security for your loved ones.


Top Benefits of Rollout Caravan Awnings

The addition of rollout caravan awnings to a caravan or RV provides a great combination of aesthetics and comfort. The simple act of installing rollout caravan awnings provides caravan owners an additional shelter, a temperature regulator, and a modicum of privacy.

The multiple advantages of rollout caravan awnings are gained with the choice of the right one. Yet, how different are rollout awnings from other kinds of caravan awnings?

What are awnings?


The designs and materials of awnings are expected to provide extra space, shade, and protection for a caravan, porch, and patio. The choice of awnings ranges from temporary, fixed, or retractable. Rollout or retractable awnings offer the most flexible options. Being able to roll out or draw back the awnings as needed makes them the fastest and easiest to set up at any time and all the time.


Opting to install rollout awnings in a caravan, RV, or patio of a home provide multiple benefits, including:

The rollout design advantage

The rollout or retractable design of the rollout awnings is its greatest feature. Being able to roll out, or rollback, or store away an awning as needed provide flexibility like no other.

Opting for a manually-driven rollout awning includes a hand crank. A clockwise cranking opens the awning while a counter-clockwise cranking closes it.

A remote-controlled rollout awning model provides better ease and convenience than the manually-operated types. A simple press of a button is all the action needed to open or close the awning.


Efficient and convenient

Rollout or retractable awning designs are more efficient and convenient than fixed awnings. Rollout awnings eliminate the onerous task of setting up standing poles to support the awning.


Easy peasy installation

One person can easily roll out a retractable awning especially when it’s a remote-controlled one. Even manually operated rollout awnings are still easy to work even for the uninitiated. Other types of awnings not only take time to assemble; they also need more than one person to set up.


Energy use savings

Regulating the heat temperature during the hottest days of summer is one way to cut down on energy consumption. One of the cost-effective ways to reduce energy use during summer is to install rollout awnings on a home or caravan. Cooling the interior of a home or caravan is achieved by simply rolling out the awning on a patio or side of the caravan.

Creates extra space

A caravan, an RV, or a home instantly gains extra space with the installation of rollout awnings. The extra space created by the awning can be used for a plethora of activities ranging from cooking, entertaining, relaxing, to sleeping. Pets and extra equipment used during road trips also find a space of their own under a rollout awning.

A host of design options

The popularity of rollout awnings has made manufacturers level up the designs. It includes trendier and sleeker colours and fabrics. The wide variety of styles, colours, and materials allow caravan owners and homeowners great aesthetic options.


The versatility and flexibility of rollout caravan awnings have made them a must-have accessory to any caravan, RV, and home. The new designs and features of rollout awnings allow them to provide both the aesthetic and functional appeal to a home or on road trips. For more information about roll out awnings and caravan annex walls, click this link.




Things To Consider When Choosing Your Blinds In The Gold Coast

Your home is among the things that tell people more about you.  You may have a simple home, but because you know how to style and decorate your home, people will think you have so much money to spend on it. Also, your home can tell people the type of person that you are. For this reason, since you live in a society where people judge books by their covers, you must make sure that you do all you can to have a beautiful home. The kind of blinds you have in your home are among the things people will look at. Therefore, you must look for the best blinds to install in your house.


How to select your blinds in Gold Coast


Selecting blinds for your home or office may seem like a very simple job, but it is not. For this reason, you should do all it takes to ensure that you have the blinds that will enhance the beauty and looks of your home.  So many people have selected blinds before in Gold Coast and have never been satisfied by what they bought, and this is why you need to be very careful to ensure that you do not make any mistakes. For this reason, you should make use of several guidelines that will help you in selecting the right blinds for your home in Gold Coast.


  • The style of the blinds

Blinds usually come in different styles to cater to all homeowners’ needs and preferences on the Gold Coast.   This means that you will come across blinds of different styles that may match with the styles of your home. For this reason, you have to be very careful when selecting the style of blinds that you will buy.  To ensure that you have a beautiful home, you must choose the blind to match your home’s style.  They should also have a style that complements your taste and theme.


  • Materials used to make the blinds

Blinds can either be used for internal or external use. For this reason, blinds can be made using any fabric that are suitable for these two spaces. If you want blinds to be installed in areas exposed to excess heat, you should look for aluminium made blinds or timber blinds.  On the other hand, areas that are wet, like the bathrooms and kitchens, usually require blinds made of fabrics or materials that resist moisture.


  • Your needs

It’s also essential that you consider your needs when looking for the most suitable blinds on the Gold Coast.  This is to ensure that the blinds you select can meet your needs at all times.  For instance, if so much light is entering your home, you need blinds that will control light.  If you do not consider your needs, you may not get the right blinds for your home.


  • Size and colour

The size and colour of the blind that you buy for your house are also essential. You cannot get to the market and then select any blinds without looking at their colour or size. To get the right size of the blinds, you need to take the measurements of your windows. On the other hand, the colour of the blinds should match your home and décor.


Are blinds safe for your loved ones?


Although blinds usually hang on your windows, you do not have to worry about the safety of the people you love. However, if you care about their safety, you must read the instructions before installing these blinds.  Also, have some child safety devices to ensure that even your kids are safe.



Air conditioning service Gold Coast

If you own an air conditioner it is important that you give its filters and coils a regular maintenance. This would allow the unit to function effectively and efficiently. If you keep on neglecting the necessary maintenance measures it can cause the performance of the air conditioner to decline also it would increase the energy use and therefore result in increased electricity bills as well.

One of the most important maintenance task is to ensure that the air conditioner filters are replaced or cleaned. If filters are dirty and clogged they will block the normal air flow and also reduce the systems cooling efficiency. When the air flow is obstructed the air which passes through the filter carries dirt directly into the evaporator coil. As a result it is going to impair the heat absorbing capacity. If you regularly replace the dirty filter with a clean one you can lower the energy consumption to about 10 to 15%.

If you have got central air conditioning in your homes the filters would be located somewhere along the turn of the duct length. Mostly the filters are located in the walls or the ceilings. On the other hand a regular air conditioning unit has the filter mounted on the grill which is placed inside the room.

Some air conditioning units have reusable filters while others need to be replaced. They are available in a variety of types and you need to make sure that you clean or replace the filters every two months or so especially during the hot weather.

If your air conditioner is used continuously your filters would require even more attention and you might need to clean or replace them every month.

The next step is to take care of the air conditions evaporator coil. The condenser coil can collect dirt over the months and the coil would be collecting dirt if you do not take care of it. The dirt on the evaporator coil can reduce the air flow and insulate it, thus reducing its ability to absorb the heat. It is important to have the evaporator coil checked every year and clean it whenever required. The same goes for the outdoor condenser coil which can become dirty if the air conditioning unit is placed in a dirty or dusty environment. You would need to clean the condenser coil and get rid of any dirt which has collected on its fins.

Sometimes these are the kind of services which are best left to professionals. If you have not handled an air conditioning unit in the past you may want to call in the experts at air conditioning service Gold Coast. It is important to have the area around the condenser unit free from all sorts of Dirt and Debris. The dryer vent should be cleaned off falling leaves and the area around the coil should be cleaned at least till two feet to allow for adequate air flow.

For exemplary air conditioning services, call Hinterland Air Conditioning.

Should You Hire Professional Pergola Builders?

When one is designing their landscape, it is not complete until a pergola is present. Pergolas are essential outdoor structures that every homeowner should think about when planning their landscape. A pergola has so many benefits that you cannot know about until you add it to your home. Most people love pergolas because they offer them a shady place to take refuge when there are harsh weather conditions.


Why install a pergola in a home

A pergola plays so many roles when one installs it on their property. For instance, it adds to the beauty of their home, especially when it matches the other décor and outdoor furniture. Their architectural and sculptural designs help them create an aesthetic value for the outdoors of their home. They are also available in different styles and therefore can fit any outdoor furniture a homeowner prefers.


  • Adds home value

Apart from making a home look beautiful, they also increase the value of a home. For this reason, any homeowner who wants to sell their home in the future should ensure that they have such outdoor structures. This is because prospective buyers will always look at whether the home has these structures when looking for a home. A house with a pergola is going to cost more than one without.


  • Other benefits

Pergolas are also affordable, which makes them an excellent investment. They are made with high-quality materials, which make them last for a long time. Also, the users do not have a hard time cleaning and maintaining them.


Why hire professional pergola builders?

When it comes to building and installing a pergola, you need an expert to help you with the job. This is because it seems simple but is not, and unless you are a seasoned installer and builder, you cannot do a clean job. For this reason, the best option is to have professional pergola builders do the work for you. They will be there to design, build and install the pergola and therefore, you will have nothing to worry about. The following are some of the benefits of hiring professional pergola builders to help you make a great decision.


  • Adequate expertise

One of the reasons you need to hire professional pergola builders is because they can do their job. They have been trained and have been practicing their career for a long time. This means that they are experts in designing, building, and installing pergolas, giving you peace of mind. They can create and install stable, solid, and aligned pergolas.


  • They can plan perfectly.

When not building a pergola, you must make sure that you have someone who understands the need for good planning. No matter how complicated your pergola style and design, professional pergola builders will always have excellent planning skills.


  • They have many design options.

Some of the pergola builders do not have many design options for designing and building pergolas. This is because they have not been in the field for a long time. The good thing with a professional pergola builder is that they can come up with so many design options so that you can select the more suitable design.


  • They offer high-quality services.

Professional pergola builders have a reputation to keep. They cannot do anything that will mess with their reputation. They also have the necessary skills and experience, and therefore they are always able to offer high-quality services.


  • It saves money

A DIY job is usually very cheap, but people make mistakes that cost more than they would have spent hiring a professional pergola builder. Also, the more repairs they need to make, the more materials they will need to buy. Therefore if you want to save some money, make sure that you have the professional pergola builders at Homestyle Living Sydney helping you out.


Tips on selecting an excellent residential architect

Architects are proficient building designers that have gone through practice in building plan and development in a recognisable organisation and have been granted a permit to work in a specific state.

Designers are accessible in each province of Australia and offer their services at various costs relying upon their degree of expertise and their standing in general society.

Some architects have shown extraordinary abilities to design building structures. The structures have been well thought out and are remarkable from the rest of the structures. Such structures are not difficult to see considering their unique appearance.

Some architects have been rewarded for being the most innovative planners and developers in Australia and worldwide. Utilising the services of such architects will require a ton of cash and assets.

Elements to consider while employing a residential architect

Here are the most important things to consider while choosing an architect:

  • They should be affordable – Find someone whose rates are within your budget
  • They should be well-experienced – You should search for an architect that is very much experienced in planning and building residential structures to lessen the threat of low-quality work. They ought to give proof of the length of time they have been taking part in the work and show you the confirmation of work records.
  • They should be authorised – The designer must have a permit that shows they are eligible to work. Any structure that is done by an unlicensed person is at risk of being eliminated since it is usually considered unfit for human stay.

Residential architects are crucial since they are the ones that ensure there are roofs over our heads. They should be supported and uplifted to ensure that they continue to produce quality work.

Tips on getting excellent residential architects

Architects are not difficult to track down, however, Sydney’s leading residential architects are difficult to get. There are a few different ways you can discover quality designers that meet your criteria. Here are some ways to search for the best designer for you and see what distinguishes them from the rest.

  • Internet – The web is the best place to get data about architects and their work. Numerous planners have websites that outline all the services they offer along with proof of other successful projects in the form of pictures and customer reviews. This data is convenient particularly when you do not know where to begin.
  • Shows and exhibitions – Perhaps the most widely recognised methods of finding the best architects are by going to the structure plan shows and displays and paying attention to the plans from various innovative creators. Additionally, the architects know that those plans market them to potential customers, thus they attempt to make the plans as inventive as could be expected.

As you are examining their work, attempt to find out how the work is unique and different from the rest. This will show how the work you appoint to the engineer will be changed to match their style and verify whether or not you like the design after they alter it.

Another source to examine is the previous records of fruitful achievements. You should consistently ask the designer to give you those records before you decide to employ them. It prompts you to see whether the architect is all around experienced in the planning and development of structures.





Home extensions Brisbane: ensuring a successful home renovation

Are you considering a home renovation? Perhaps you want to renovate your home or build a second story on to it. In any case you are required to hire the right people to handle the renovation project. if you are looking to add an extra floor you may also need the services of an architect to design a floor plan for it. Once that is done you would require a building permission and then need to hire a contractor. All these can be quiet time consuming and might require you to do quite a bit of research.

The following few tips would help make things easier.

What you should keep in mind when going for home extensions Brisbane

  • It is always best to plan ahead especially when it comes to new constructions and renovation. You would require help from a professional architect because they would be able to understand how to utilize the interior space and also improve upon the aesthetics. When you have a design in hand it becomes easier to visualize project plus it would also be helpful for your contractor because they would know exactly where and how they are supposed to work.
  • Before the extension you may need to research on quite a bit of information. You would be required to consider the structural requirements as well as the legal restrictions. If there are certain designs in extensions which catch your fancy make sure to have those in front of your architect and contractor so that they can get an idea of what exactly you are looking for.
  • Make sure that you carefully plan a budget and stick to it. Renovations can get quite expensive if you keep on adding to it. Having a budget handy would allow you to spend on what is required rather than splurging.
  • The next step is to find a reliable contractor and engineer. Engineers make it easier for you to understand what kind of extensions you can plan for your home. They would assess the current condition of the foundation as well as the roof and see whether your home would be able to take in additional building material. You might also need to consider the electrical system as well as the plumbing.
  • It is crucial to choose durable building material in order to prolong the life of your home. Good quality material doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive one but rather it should be practical and should give you good value for money.
  • It is best if you move out during the extension in the building process. Relocating would be better because it would help you avoid the noise and the fumes as well as other problems. Plus it is also important to keep young children and pets away from the area in order to protect them and allow the workers to do their job without any interference.

If you decide to remodel your house, call Constructive Home extensions for expert advice and execution.

What To Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Nothing is more extravagant than a kitchen we’ve designed for you and your family’s requirements. In the event that you plan on remaining in your home, a kitchen redesign can improve your personal satisfaction.

However, it’s likewise significant that you consider each detail prior to starting with kitchen makeovers brisbane. Our kitchen remodelers ask that you think about these 5 things before getting your kitchen renovated.

Choosing Quality Cabinets

Ever heard of the old saying “Quality over quantity”? When looking for kitchen cupboards, consistently pick quality over the less expensive cost. Modest, inferior quality cupboards don’t hold up well over the long run. Also you may need to replace them in the near future.

You’ll generally locate the best quality cupboards of high caliber and craftsmanship. In the event that you prepare, you’ll have the option to appreciate the long term durability of your kitchen.

Defining Your Goals

Even a little kitchen redesign can give you a decent degree of profitability. However, it’s imperative to consider what you need in your kitchen redesign. Do you plan on selling your home soon? Or then again do you plan on remaining in a similar neighborhood for quite a long time to come? The appropriate response will figure out what kind of significant worth you’re hoping to get from a kitchen redesign.

In case you’re keen on selling, center around making your kitchen more practical. For instance, a considerable lot of our customers center around approaches to build extra room. In case you’re waiting, your quantifiable profit might be investing more energy with your family.

Exploring All Options

There are huge loads of decisions that will influence the appearance and capacity of your kitchen. This is the reason it’s essential to exploit our inside plan administrations. One of our kitchen remodelers will walk you through all the subtleties so you can remain inside the financial plan. Working with one of our inside planners can likewise assist you with getting a decent rate of profitability.

Creating an Environment

A smart plan implies establishing an environment both you and your family will cherish. While anybody can sell you new kitchen cupboards, our planners see the entire picture. They consider how you’ll utilize your kitchen consistently and what highlights would offer the most worth. For instance, our inventive cabinetry plans can assist you with freeing up the kitchen countertop. Kitchen remodeling should center around planning cupboards that coordinate your way of life and capacity needs.

Hiring an amazing kitchen remodeler

A cabinet salesman isn’t equivalent to a kitchen remodeler. While a salesman thinks about their bonus, a remodeler thinks about their customers. At the point when you work with one, they will survey your kitchen design. They’ll additionally think of ways you can best utilize the space while regarding your spending plan.

Kitchen remodelers help organize your kitchen redesign, from start to finish. They will additionally facilitate the delivery of every one of your materials, facilitating the pressure put on you. Kitchen remodelers will work with you through your whole kitchen redesign.


What are the legal guarantees for the buyer?
The Italian legislation intervened over 10 years ago with the legislative decree n. 122 of 20 June 2005 to protect buyers with a series of regulatory interventions that tend to guarantee the weaker party, the buyer, especially in the event of the onset of negative events against the construction company (real estate executions, bankruptcy procedures,

arrangement with creditors, administration forced or liquidation of the company). Unfortunately, to date, the legislation is still little known and, above all, little used and applied by construction companies although it is a legislation that has as its primary objective precisely that of giving security to the real estate market through shared rules, thus giving new impetus to the sale. of the House. Let’s see together the main contents:

Surety guarantee
A state of insolvency of the builder following the request of the buyer to return the amounts paid as a deposit, the construction company is required to deliver a bank or insurance guarantee to the buyer equal to the total amount of all the sums advanced. The guarantee must necessarily be effective until the definitive deed of transfer of the real estate property and therefore must also be extended to the sums that will be paid by the buyer after the signing of the preliminary contract of sale. The sums that the buyer will pay through a bank loan and any public contributions are excluded from the aforementioned guarantee. How does this important guarantee work?

The buyer will be able to collect the surety and get back all the sums advanced. For this to be effectively applicable, the waiver of the benefit of the prior enforcement must be affixed to the surety so that the buyer can directly request the payment of the amounts to the bank or insurance company without contacting the manufacturer.

Buying a house on paper from the builder: convenience and attention to be paid

The advantages of buying a house on paper

By purchasing a house on paper, you have the opportunity to make your home truly unique and thus have a completely personalized apartment. The options present on the specifications that the construction company makes available are many and it is not excluded from the guidelines provided to propose more radical and unique changes . But beware of the increase in costs : if you choose extra-specific solutions you can meet an increase in the final price.

A house under construction also has the great advantage of being compliant and respecting the parameters of the latest building laws . It also allows you to save on renovation costs and to postpone interventions in your property, as well as in the condominium, for several years.

A not insignificant economic advantage, to which you can also add any discounts that the seller can grant you (because you are buying a house that is not yet available), especially when the customizations are minimal.

What precautions to take when buying on paper

The choice of buying a house on paper can be tempting. However, some precautions must be followed to minimize the risk of losses or unexpected costs.

  • Find information about the company . If you do not have direct knowledge of the manufacturer, you can check, through a certificate of incorporation, the historical trend or if there have been significant corporate changes. You can ask the local agents what other buildings he has built or on which he is working. A trusted accountant will be able to help you in this regard.
  • Read the specifications carefully to understand the methods that will be used and the energy class to which they belong, functional to tax savings . In this phase, being assisted by an expert technician can save you future hassle.
  • Find out about future condominium management costs .
  • Ask the manufacturer for real guarantees to insure yourself against any serious, unexpected events. The law requires, in fact, to issue a surety and to take out insurance.
  • Establish, already in the preliminary phase, how the sales contract will be structured and the amounts to be paid for down payment, down payments and balance.