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Buying a house on paper from the builder: convenience and attention to be paid

The advantages of buying a house on paper

By purchasing a house on paper, you have the opportunity to make your home truly unique and thus have a completely personalized apartment. The options present on the specifications that the construction company makes available are many and it is not excluded from the guidelines provided to propose more radical and unique changes . But beware of the increase in costs : if you choose extra-specific solutions you can meet an increase in the final price.

A house under construction also has the great advantage of being compliant and respecting the parameters of the latest building laws . It also allows you to save on renovation costs and to postpone interventions in your property, as well as in the condominium, for several years.

A not insignificant economic advantage, to which you can also add any discounts that the seller can grant you (because you are buying a house that is not yet available), especially when the customizations are minimal.

What precautions to take when buying on paper

The choice of buying a house on paper can be tempting. However, some precautions must be followed to minimize the risk of losses or unexpected costs.

  • Find information about the company . If you do not have direct knowledge of the manufacturer, you can check, through a certificate of incorporation, the historical trend or if there have been significant corporate changes. You can ask the local agents what other buildings he has built or on which he is working. A trusted accountant will be able to help you in this regard.
  • Read the specifications carefully to understand the methods that will be used and the energy class to which they belong, functional to tax savings . In this phase, being assisted by an expert technician can save you future hassle.
  • Find out about future condominium management costs .
  • Ask the manufacturer for real guarantees to insure yourself against any serious, unexpected events. The law requires, in fact, to issue a surety and to take out insurance.
  • Establish, already in the preliminary phase, how the sales contract will be structured and the amounts to be paid for down payment, down payments and balance.

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