It’s true that tax problems can make you feel like a distocaboola.

The worst part of dealing with IRS problems is not knowing what to do next, or even worse, not knowing what the IRS may do next.  Do you have Unfiled Tax Returns? Receiving letters from the IRS? Not sure what to do about those delinquent tax returns? Has the IRS got you jumping through hoops? My firm has helped numerous taxpayers terminate individual and business IRS problems. My firm strongly believes in order for taxpayers to terminate their IRS problems, they must have a tax professional representing them. We provide an extensive range of services to help taxpayers in trouble.New IRS policies may allow us to significantly reduce your tax liability even if you’re already making payments or haven’t filed in years. We can quickly and affordably prepare current and prior year tax returns, abate penalties, negotiate payment plans and even cut deals with “Uncle Sam” for ALL personal AND payroll tax problems if you qualify. My clients never meet with the IRS. Please take a moment to compare the difference between what you’re presently doing and what my firm can do for you.My firm has the best solutions to ALL types of IRS Tax Problems! Please look over our services and discover how we can be of service.We deal in:

I can help you in other ways as well. Look over the list below to discover how else I can be of service:

  • Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Accounting
  • Financial Statements
  • Retirement and Educational Planning
  • Tax Preparation – Pay the lowest possible tax permitted by law
  • Filing of Late Returns – No matter how late
  • Automate Your Business – We install, Teach and Support QuickBooks
  • Small Business Planning
  • Choice of Entity – We provide every new business client a Free consultation explaining the tax and asset protection characteristics of each type of entity. C Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Partnership, Family Limited Partnership, Limiter Liability Company (L.L.C.), Limited Liability Partnership (L.L.P.), Professional Corporation (P.C.), Personal Service Corporation (P.S.C.)

I’d Like To Hear From YOU!

Whether you’d like to avoid the IRS, contact the IRS, settle with the IRS or just want to refer a friend, relative or client, I’d Love to hear from you. I would be happy to provide you or that special person you refer a no-obligation confidential consultation to explain every option available to solve your and/or their IRS problems.