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If you own an air conditioner it is important that you give its filters and coils a regular maintenance. This would allow the unit to function effectively and efficiently. If you keep on neglecting the necessary maintenance measures it can cause the performance of the air conditioner to decline also it would increase the energy use and therefore result in increased electricity bills as well.

One of the most important maintenance task is to ensure that the air conditioner filters are replaced or cleaned. If filters are dirty and clogged they will block the normal air flow and also reduce the systems cooling efficiency. When the air flow is obstructed the air which passes through the filter carries dirt directly into the evaporator coil. As a result it is going to impair the heat absorbing capacity. If you regularly replace the dirty filter with a clean one you can lower the energy consumption to about 10 to 15%.

If you have got central air conditioning in your homes the filters would be located somewhere along the turn of the duct length. Mostly the filters are located in the walls or the ceilings. On the other hand a regular air conditioning unit has the filter mounted on the grill which is placed inside the room.

Some air conditioning units have reusable filters while others need to be replaced. They are available in a variety of types and you need to make sure that you clean or replace the filters every two months or so especially during the hot weather.

If your air conditioner is used continuously your filters would require even more attention and you might need to clean or replace them every month.

The next step is to take care of the air conditions evaporator coil. The condenser coil can collect dirt over the months and the coil would be collecting dirt if you do not take care of it. The dirt on the evaporator coil can reduce the air flow and insulate it, thus reducing its ability to absorb the heat. It is important to have the evaporator coil checked every year and clean it whenever required. The same goes for the outdoor condenser coil which can become dirty if the air conditioning unit is placed in a dirty or dusty environment. You would need to clean the condenser coil and get rid of any dirt which has collected on its fins.

Sometimes these are the kind of services which are best left to professionals. If you have not handled an air conditioning unit in the past you may want to call in the experts at air conditioning service Gold Coast. It is important to have the area around the condenser unit free from all sorts of Dirt and Debris. The dryer vent should be cleaned off falling leaves and the area around the coil should be cleaned at least till two feet to allow for adequate air flow.

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