Mr. R. K.

  • At the initial consultation, Mr. R.K. told me that he not only owed the IRS but also the State of NJ.


  • Client decided to begin the Offer process.


  • Offer in Compromise was submitted.


  • Offer was returned due to client error.


  • Client came back to submit a new Offer.


  • The New Offer was submitted.


  • A settlement agreement was sent to NJ.


  • Offer in Compromise was accepted by the IRS


  •  NJ accepted settlement offer for Mr. R.K.

The IRS accepted Mr. R.K.’s Offer in Compromise in the amount of $5,112.00. This resulted in a settlement of $0.06 per dollar on the original $88,000 liability.

NJ accepted a settlement of $5,000 on a $14,000 tax liability. Mr. R.K. paid only $0.36 per dollar owed.