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It’s true that tax problems can make you feel like a distocaboola.

an online Tax Resolution Firm to service you for all of your tax needs. I am Federally Authorized as a Tax Practitioner and Certified as a Tax Resolution Specialist.

Trust in my firm to work alongside you as your business tax consultant to square away those lingering tax-related concerns. . Your busy work-life routines do not need to be made even more complicated with the forever looming “doom” of tax problems over your head. Are you worried about internet sales tax legislation? Contact our tax solutions firm today and let us help you attain those business tax resolutions!

Our Most Recommended Resources for Tax Purposes

American Society of IRS Problem Solvers

National Association of Enrolled Agents


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An SEO Company in Atlanta came to us with a huge financial problem to solve. Their books were completely out of order and disorganized. The IRS did a short audit and they needed to get their documents in order and organized. We were able to get the process completed in less than a week without issue.

“JC Tax Solutions was a huge help. I was scared when getting an audit, but thankfully they were available to make the process much less stressful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

– Chris LaMorte, Owner of Web Chimpy

“Selling coins is not an easy business to be in and it can be complicated. JC Tax Solutions is always helpful. As a coin dealer in Nashville, we are always in a tricky financial and tax situation. Fortunately, they are always available to help.

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